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Tallarook Accommodation and Information

Welcome to Tallarook !

Get to Savor Springs of Fun and Captivated with Nature

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Tallarook Farmers’ Market serves the community of farmers and food lovers across the region of Broadford, Seymour, Wallan and Kilmore.

Tallarook has gorgeous embodiment on the town with infrastructure around the neighborhood and at the same time braces serenity with nature’s perfection of its trees and green grass. A living you want to see a home sweet home feeling. Truly, nature has its awesome look even from a concrete road level. You can have maximized horizon of fresh, solidarity peace of mind. No excessive consumption of gas since no great elevation is around here. Moreover, the spectacle sun can brightly give a joy on your mood.

0.14Tallarook, surrounds

Without anything to prove much, Tallarook is a getaway too. It is an eyesight favorite for winding your successive adventure inner passion. Inner peace is a an arm reach. Plus it is enthralled to fit your youthful enthusiastic energy. It might look plain and simple at first but wait for the fun as the exciting within you gives you many outlets in this town. Strolls are made to happen as having a field trip where you are most specially to embark a wonderful day. Have your walk around the area and get the feeling of comfort and get into the move around this inviting town. As you face the world of freshness you might want also to engage in strolls and fun.

It takes your time to find the worth in it. And in that sense is able to get a handful of supply in any case from the goodness of Tallarook you can find the magic setting in from the rise of the sun to the setting of the day. The midst of this town resembles faces of places from any direction that route the applicability of great day. The sole part of this place comes in many boxes of surprises and it starts from the day you have a visit from Tallarook.

Great Victorian Rail Trail

0.13Tallarook Railway Station

The Great Victorian Rail Trail (formerly Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail) is the longest rail trail in Australia, following the route of the former railway line from Tallarook, the Mansfield Railway and Alexandra Railway in north central Victoria, Australia, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-east of Melbourne. The trail surface is partially granitic sand and partly chert (a kind of gravel),


The towns passed through by the main rail trail are: Tallarook, Trawool, Kerrisdale, Homewood, Yea, Molesworth, Yarck, Kanumbra, Merton, Bonnie Doon, Maindample, Mansfield. The trail forks near Molesworth, leading to Alexandra.


EXPERIENCE  the Great Victorian Rail Trail 


Come and experience the freedom of cycle touring throughout our spectacular region in North East Victoria. With your bike, or one of our hire bikes, cycle along Australia’s newest and longest rail trails, The Great Victorian Rail Trail.


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