Tallarook Victoria

Tallarook Victoria

0.14Tallarook, surrounds

Tallarook is a town in central Victoria, Australia. The town is in the Shire of Mitchell local government area and on the Hume Highway, 102 kilometres (63 mi) north of the state capital, Melbourne. At the 2011 census, Tallarook had a population of 789.

The town is known in Australia for the colloquialism, “Things are crook in Tallarook”, believed to date to the Great Depression and unemployed travellers seeking work. The phrase became the basis of a song composed by Jack O’Hagan—Things Is Crook In Tallarook.

The main North East railway opened though the town in 1872 along with the local railway station, and a branch railway to Mansfield was started in 1883, extended to Mansfield in 1891, and Alexandra in 1909, before being closed on 18 November 1978. The Railway line is now known as the Great Victorian Rail Trail and is the “start” of Victoria’s longest trail.

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0.13Tallarook Railway Station

The Great Victorian Rail Trail (formerly Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail) is the longest rail trail in Victoria, 134kms long, following the route of the former railway line from Tallarook, to Mansfield Railway and Alexandra Railway in north east Victoria, Australia.


The towns passed through by the main rail trail are: Tallarook, Trawool, Kerrisdale, Homewood, Yea, Molesworth, Yarck, Kanumbra, Merton, Bonnie Doon, Maindample, Mansfield. The trail forks near Molesworth, leading to Alexandra.


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Come and experience the freedom of cycle touring throughout our spectacular region in North East Victoria. Cycle along Victoria’s newest and longest rail trail, The Great Victorian Rail Trail.